Take a break this summer

The end-semester exams are finally over. It means a student has a lot of time on his hands to do whatever he or she had wanted to do all this while. Time is now or never. But all said and done, this two-and-a-half month long vacation is a much-needed break for an exam-weary student. 

It is a tough time for those who are in the second and third years of their undergrad course. For them, it means first hunting for an internship opportunity and then slogging hard to gain experience during that short stint. 

An internship serves a dual purpose: it helps a student gain some useful work experience and also enhances job prospects. Students get an opportunity to practise and hone skills beyond textbooks, classrooms, and lectures. The lessons learned on the job come in handy when a student is out there in the market. The work experience is the first thing that catches an employer’s eye while reviewing a prospective employee’s resume. Also, companies often hunt for employees within their internship population. So this two-month break is a crucial period for students in their second and third years of engineering.

For students in the fourth year, it is all about taking a much-needed break. The convocation ceremony is barely a month away. It is the season of goodbyes and farewell. Some unlucky few who could not get placed, this break is a tough phase. 

The luckiest of the lot are the first year students for whom this break means fun. It depends on how a student chooses to spend his time;  whether that student loves lazing around or tries to make the most of it by studying a bit harder. 

As far as I am concerned, I have big plans. I want to do a lot of things this summer, but most likely I will spend my time sleeping or reading a few good books. 

Happy Summer Vacation!

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