With a heart rate of 125 beats per minute, fingers crossed, and recalling answers to infinite General Awareness questions, around 46,000 SBI PO Mains 2017 candidates entered the examination hall today, June 4. The only thing left was remembering all the Gods.

Vaibhav Sharma, a candidate from Dehradun, did not start with the above-mentioned strategy, but was nevertheless as anxious as others. He soon finished with the formalities and started with the exam, but noticed some chaos around him. In between concentrating on his paper and looking for the probable reasons behind the chaos, he found that some candidates’ system did not start. Similar incidents were reported at a centre in Bhubaneswar. A candidate from Kanpur complained that he was struggling with both; the heat and paper, as there was no drinking water facility available at his centre. 

SBI PO Mains 2017: candidates struggle due to Poor examination centres, and difficult paper 

Vaibhav Sharma, an aspirant from Dehradun, whose SBI PO Mains 2017 centre was Tula’s institute, said, “Some candidates systems’ froze before the commencement of exam. Fortunately, I did not face any trouble, and started on time, others faced the brunt of it. For some, it started 6 minutes late, for some 9 minutes. It was chaotic, which distracted many of us, and we lost our focus.”

A similar incident was reported by S Meera, whose SBI PO Mains 2017 centre was RCM College, Bhubaneswar.  She complained, “My system froze for approximately 10 minutes between the English Exam. On one hand, the SBI PO Mains is such a difficult, out-of-this-world paper, and on the other hand, we have such examination centres.”

Though these candidates did not lose any time, a majority of them have nightmares of such incidents. Sharma, added, “It’s just some had to start late and some started early. So aspirants were in chaos, and some even lost their focus.”

Well this was not all of it. Sachin, a candidate from Kanpur, complained that his centre, Maharana Pratap College, had no drinking water facility. He said, “I did not carry any water bottle with me, as it is usually provided at the centre. They did during Prelims, but today was an unfortunate day, as I found myself quite dehydrated.”

SBI PO Mains 2017

Sachin continued, “The fans were not working and there was no drinking water. I completely lost it; I could not concentrate on my paper. It was a bad day.” 
SBI PO Mains 2017 was conducted across 34 states/UTs today, June 4. 

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