Suzuki’s Midas

“Thankyou Mr. Kejriwal, thanx a lot.” Well this is what Maruti Suzuki should say to Arvind Kejriwal. If you are wondering and thinking about the reasons then in a 10 second brainstorming session, it would be very clear to you. The most important reason would be Arvind’s guts for jumping in politics and naming his party Aam aadmi Party. And then going on to show his leadership skills with dramatic overtone through various “chakka Jaams” and dharnas. In the complete fairy tale of Mr kejriwal and his party, there is one character which has been on display unintentionally as the symbol of resistance and freedom, his car.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR has been in the highlights through out the campaign, supporting his candidature, shielding his bold self declared identity. The blue car, has been with him through out the struggle, protecting him from the mob, from the journalists and their weapons. And AK has recognized its effort while reciprocating with generosity. He has continuously showcased the compact hatchback as his best friend and has made sure that public gets this message.

Mr. Kejriwal has not portrayed it as a common car, but a special one for the uncommon consumer, of whom he could be proud of. He has showed the public that this car carries the leader of the masses, this car is as trustworthy as the leader inside. He has constantly wanted the public to know that the vehicle he travels in is not ordinary but extraordinary. While on one hand AK has judged the sedans as luxuries with a subtle hint of corruption, on the other he has painte this WagonR as a prize of honesty and hard work.

The message is out there, the sketch of the image has been outlined by the media, it is only Suzuki/Publiscis who could really fill the colors. With recent attacks on the car, it has been more on the television than on the streets. Unintentionally and unconsciously AK has put WagonR up there in the top slot of the new buyer of the hatchback. This free publicity is a rare chance, only one needs to capitalize it.

Suzuki should even launch a new version, a special tribute to the fighting, hardworking Indian. The campaign can be designed around honesty and nationalism. They can display the attributes of a fighter, a protector, a doer and a peaceful family man, who does not tolerate wrong doings. It is all there for the taking and in this slow economy, this political scene can really come in handy. To put a cherry on top, Suzuki can even gift AK a Swift or a newer version of WagonR for his humongous contribution to the nation.

I doubt if Maruti Suzuki has really realized the potential of this political phase. I wonder if Maruti Suzuki will be able to extract commercial benefits through this, but I am very sure that there lies a hen in the open which lays golden eggs. I just hope the creative team or the top management start noticing their own product.

Note: When dhoom was released, there was a spur in the sales of motorcycles, and Bajaj profited from it.