The concept of it makes me cringe,

Because of what people do, I flinch,

The Sachins and Bolts are remembered by all,

The emergence of light and that one final call,

Why does it happen that people forget the struggle,

The moments without hope, with depression you snuggle.

People forget the tears of blood and sweat,

The moments of uneasiness and fret.

The mother who gave me strength and love,

The father who provide me safety, below and above.

The friends and lovers who forced me to keep at it,

And picked us up whenever I took a hit.

The foes that pushed me to my extreme,

The God who showed me how to dream.

Don’t worry my dears, for I will not forget,

That you were with me, in yours, I am in debt.

I know now that this world will betray me once again,

But I know you’ll back me up, help me brick and grain.