One of the most acclaimed and prolific interior designers in the world today, Juan Montoya believes that a room must not permit the eye to rest in one place; it must bring smiles to your face and take you into a world of fantasy. And rightly so! A well-designed home must make you and everyone else who visits it joyful and happy. However, not all homes do.

Because most of us are clueless about how to style and design our homes, we take the services of a qualified interior designer. An interior designer who can transform your plain vanilla room into a much-sought-after space. A designer who can convert four drab walls into your heart’s desires and add surprise elements that you didn’t know existed. And that designer with an expert eye and attention to detail can be you!

If styling your home and adding finer touches to it is your calling, take up Home Styling Courses that you can do during your weekend and save valuable time and money in hiring a designer. With this course from institutes such as Pearl Academy, not only will you be able to design your home, you will also be able to become an expert in styling your friends’ houses and very soon run a thriving and flourishing home style business.

Through the course you will be able to learn Home Styling:

  • The basics of home styling
  • Essential concepts and pragmatic implementation of home styling
  • Understanding spaces for design
  • Types and kinds of elements you need to look into
  • Selecting the right design features
  • Knowledge and working with well-known building features and practicalities
  • Using areas and flow chart to design your project
  • Building a structure to your plan
  • Creating design concepts

Learning through a weekend course can give you the flexibility to do your other tasks during the week and equip you with the skills to enter the vibrant and exciting world of interior design. You will gain access to an extensive repertoire of knowledge and skills and initiate your own interior design business. All you need is a creative sense of imagination and vital skills which you will learn at the course. The course will take you through on how to:

  • Balance space and function with panache
  • Select congruent or distinctive features in materials, such as for ceilings, floors and walls
  • Merge illumination with an inclusive design concept
  • Employ the right colour wheel to select the best colour combination
  • Choose textiles, weaves and arrangements that charm your senses

Given the rapid shift in the way one has learned over the years and the change in times, it can help to be prepared for what the future expects of us. And this can only be possible by being equipped with cutting edge knowledge delivered through modern platforms and media. Today, one has the means and resources to convert passion into a profession, and it can help use these resources and arm ourselves with training and experience for a better tomorrow.

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