Students upset with shift from dilapidated hostels at LDCE

Out of the 6 hostels at Lalbhai Dalpatbhai College of Engineering (LDCE), Ahmedabad, two have been reported to be dangerous, according to a report by the Gujarat government. This has forced the college authorities to move 250 students from the two affected buildings to others, which already have students housed in them. The entire hostel community is up in arms because the change means long queues outside bathrooms and terribly congested hostel rooms.

According to an
official in the Administration department, the decision to move the students
was a logical one given the report by the state government. “The report
clearly states that in cases of natural disasters like an earthquake, the two
buildings could collapse. We could not take a chance and allow students to stay
in those buildings.”

To make matters a
little less worrisome, college authorities refused hostel accommodation to the
first year students so that fewer students would get affected by the
shift. Students are however not impressed at all. They told PaGaLGuY that
what the college authorities could have taken care of is at least clean water
and more toilets for all students. “We are four boys sharing a room
designed for two. It is just so crowded,” said a student on the condition
of anonymity.

Another student
said that the mornings are worse because queues to the bathrooms are really

Students protested
and marched to the rector when the news came in at first but called the
protest off. They were told by the authorities that if they continued to stay
in the older hostels, it is they who would be held responsible in any untoward
incident. Professors did not take the students’ protests very seriously. One
explained why: “Students like to bring their friends along and study in
groups and this new arrangement is putting a spoke in that.”

However, a point to
be noted is that even after all the hullabaloo, the buildings will get
demolished only after the fund to rebuild them is sanctioned by the State
Education Board. Till then, they will just be deserted buildings.