Along with Akshay Bhosale and Karan
Patwardhan, many students have experienced the hectic schedule which an
admission process demands. What sets these two apart from others though, is
their attempt to improve the process through the effective use of technology.
These two final year B.E. students of Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Engineering (BVCoE)
have developed a ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ (ERP) software. This
software, which generally costs around one to two lakh rupees per user, has
been developed using the institute’s internal resources and has probably saved
a lot of money for BVCoE. It is not only being used for admissions, but is also
used by all other departments at BVCoE.

Administrative systems, if not
centralised, can consume a lot of time to complete official duties. Colleges like
BVCoE have a campus spread across several acres. Applying for a course or claiming
a leaving certificate usually ends up as a healthy walk for students going from
one department to another. It’s the time and efficiency factor that places this
ERP software ahead of the traditional way of managing institutes.

“Our aim was to create a centralized and
unified system, to save the time traditionally required for administrative work.
Now that this system is in use, it has proven to be cost effective, with secure
data. We can also modify the software as per the college’s requirement,” says

One of the administrative officers of
BVCoE says, “The entire administration was managed using huge manpower,
involving flaws that could not be tracked easily or managed. With this ERP, the
flaws in managing important administration processes like fee collection,
library books, admission list etc are nearly minimal, unless there are some
human errors in filling information, or technical glitches.”

“With the help of our ERP system,
each student gets a unique identification number by which the administration is
able to track all their details. This counters the overlapping manual work
which was earlier carried out in these processes,” says Karan.

Not only has this system saved money
for BVCoE, it has also been able to generate revenue, as it has been licensed
to the Institute of Knowledge, Pune  for
use, for a fee of Rs 2.5 lakh only.

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