Students anxious as JEE Advanced portal still not up and about

Sunday was touted as the most important day in the lives of around two lakh engineering aspirants. JEE Advanced 2016 result was declared on the website at 9.50 am. However, the aspirants were in for a rude shock as barely minutes later after the result was out, the website crashed. And much to their dismay, it is not yet up and about even 10 hours later.

The candidates who are anxious to know how they fared at the exam are a harried lot. What they had thought was a minor glitch initially, turned out to be a major technical issue. They are questioning the technical know-how of IIT Guwahati, the organising institute for Advanced 2016, and appalled at the mismanagement on such a crucial day.

PaGaLGuY spoke to the Chairman Prof KV Krishna twice today, and he always maintained that the site had not crashed but was only temporarily unavailable. Krishna blamed the glitch on the massive incoming traffic; it was probably much more than what they had expected. He assured that they were unclogging their servers to make the portal functional again.

The timeline:

9.50 am: IIT-G increases the request per second to ensure smooth traffic on JEE Advanced Portal

11 am: The website crashes and fails to load even a single digit of information

12 pm: The back-end servers fail to sustain the massive traffic load and crawl like a tortoise

2 pm: The website made light by removing extra information

3.30 pm: Attempt made to divert the traffic using IIT Delhi as host server

5 pm: Three additional links released, but they serve no purpose

6 pm: The host servers fail to accept login information and crash; four more links released

7 pm: The login information on some links changed to JEE Advanced 2016 Registration Number and Date of Birth; eight links released

These attempts failed to ease the traffic and the students still could not log-in and check their results. Sunday turned out to be a complete washout.