Story of an average IIT-IIM aspirant

He is the average student of an average engineering college. He is the
one, who has been feeling remorse for not making it to IIT. Even if he
had never wanted to go into an IIT, the feeling of letting down his
parents makes him curse himself for the next four years of his college.
The rest of the time is wasted over booze, fag, grass and passing marks.

The reality of life struck him in the final year, when he ends
up with a job of an average salary. But, now anyways he doesn’t have an
option! He never gave a thought about his future! The only future
planning he had done was during the booze sessions with friends when
everyone either became a future entrepreneur or a society changing
politician or an IAS officer..! Anyways, registering for CAT seems a
good idea at that time. Atleast, let’s get the feel of what CAT is like!
Because, UPSC is too risky…. and maybe because he had already failed
once to make it to IITs, he thought he may never be able to tackle an
exam like UPSC anyway..!! Wait..!! What about the CAT  ‘videshi’ equivalents
GMAT and GRE?? Going abroad is a distant dream; moreover leaving
parents behind in India would not be a good idea after all.

He takes CAT, ends up nowhere and joins the average-paying job which he
had secured on campus placements. Year after year he appears for CAT,
hoping to storm into IIMs and hoping to make his under-graduation
failure story into a post-graduation success story..!!! The truth hits
him like an iron anvil after three cat attempts. He cannot secure an IIM
call, his professional life is moving into a rat race of thousands of
underachievers like him. Finally, the only saving grace he has is to get
into a college whose name at least people know. And then what? The
story of his mediocrity never ends! Just because he is the average
person who has always sought a comfort zone in life; hesitant to take
bold and risky decisions. Because, he had failed once, he never really
believes in himself that he can make big in life thus trapping himself in the vicious cycle of mediocrity.

PS: Do you also feel the story is incomplete ? Well, it is ! But the author wont complete it. The story would be completed by the average guy himself… Let’s see where does he wants to take it ?