SSC – Numerical Ability Quiz – III

Dear readers,

We are presenting you a Numerical Ability quiz, which will be helpful in your upcoming exams. So please solve the quiz and post the correct ans in the comment section. Soon we will published the correct answers.

Directions (1-3): The pie chart given below represents the
number of valid votes obtained by four students who contested election for
school leadership. Observe the chart and answer the questions.

The total number of valid votes
polled was 720.

1. What was the minimum number of votes obtained by any candidate?

(a) 100

(b) 110

(c) 120

(d) 130

2. Who was the winner?

(a) Sivaraman

(b) Paramjeet

(c) Yasin

(d) Vishwanath

3. By how many votes did the winner defeat his
nearest rival?

(a) 40

(b) 45

(c) 48

(d) 50

4. If a and b be positive integers such that a^2
– b^2 = 19, then value of a is:

(a) 19

(b) 20

(c) 9

(d) 10

5. The length (in metres) of the longest road
that can be put in a room of dimensions 10m x 10 m x 5 m is:

(a) 15 √3

(b) 15

(c) 10 √2

(d) 5 √3


Qs 1 (c)  Qs 2 (a)  
Qs 3 (a)   Qs 4 (d)  Qs 5 (b)