SSC – General Knowledge Quiz

Dear readers,

In competitive exams like SSC – CGL, SSC – LDC, Multitasking & FCI etc, questions are frequently asked from various topics & subjects in General Studies section. So we are presenting you a General Studies quiz, which will be helpful in your preparation. Please try to give the correct answers in the comment section, soon we will publish the correct answers. 

1. National Income is the:

(a) Net National Product at market price

(b) Net National Product at factor cost

(c) Net Domestic Product at market price

(d) Net Domestic Product at factor cost

2. The bats can fly in the dark because:

(a) They can see the objects in darkness

(b) They have weak legs and are likely to be
attacked by predators

(c) They generate flashes of light

(d) They generate ultrasonic sound waves

3. Price theory is known as:

(a) Macro Economics

(b) Development Economics

(c) Public Economics

(d) Micro Economics

4. Under which market condition do firms have
excess capacity?

(a) Perfect competition

(b) Monopolistic competition

(c) Duopoly

(d) Oligopoly

5. A short-term government security paper is

(a) share

(b) debenture

(c) mutual fund

(d) treasury bill

6. Which is the second nearest star to the Earth
after the Sun?

(a) Vega

(b) Sirius

(c) Proxima Centauri

(d) Alpha Centauri

7. Seismic sea waves which approach the coasts
at greater force are known as:

(a) tides

(b) tsunami

(c) current

(d) cyclone

8. Formalized system of trading agreements with
groups of countries is known as:

(a) trading blocks

(b) trade ventures

(c) trade partners

(d) trade organisations  

9. Which of the following is also called the ‘power
plants’ of the cell?

(a) Golgi body

(b) Mitochondrion

(c) Ribosome

(d) Lysosome

10. Plasma membrane in eukaryotic cells is made
up of:

(a) phospholipid

(b) lipoprotein

(c) phospholipoprotein

(d) phosphopoprotein


Qs 1(d)  Qs 2 (d)  
Qs 3 (b)   Qs 4 (a)  Qs 5 (d)

Qs 6 (c)  Qs 7 (b) 
Qs 8 (c)   Qs 9 (b)  Qs 10 (a)