SSC – General Knowledge Quiz

Dear readers,

In competitive exams like SSC – CGL, SSC – LDC, Multitasking & FCI etc, questions are frequently asked from various topics & subjects in General Studies section. So we are presenting you a General Studies quiz, which will be helpful in your preparation. Please try to give the correct answers in the comment section, soon we will publish the correct answers. 

1. An atomic clock is based on transition is:

(a) sodium

(b) caesium

(c) magnesium

(d) aluminium

2. A concave lens always forms an image which

(a) real and erect

(b) virtual and erect

(c) real and inverted

(d) virtual and inverted

3. A vitamin requires cobalt for its activity.
The vitamin is:

(a) Vitamin B12

(b) Vitamin D

(c) Vitamin B2

(d) Vitamin A

4. One of the constituents of tear gas is:

(a) Ethane

(b) Ethanol

(c) Ether

(d) Chloropicrin

5. The term ‘Caste’ was derived from:

(a) Political unity

(b) Cultural unity

(c) Religious unity

(d) Social unity

6. Heat transfer horizontally with the atmosphere
is called:

(a) Conduction

(b) Convection

(c) Absorption

(d) Advection

7. Indian Standard Time relates to:

(a) 75.50 E longitude

(b) 82.50 E longitude

(c) 90.50 E longitude

(d) 00 E longitude

8. Depressions forms due to deflating action of
winds are called:

(a) Playas

(b) Yardang

(c) Ventifacts

(d) Sand dunes

9. The land of maximum biodiversity is:

(a) Tropical

(b) Temperate

(c) Monsoonal

(d) Equatorial

10. Who is rightly called the ‘Father of Local
Self Government’ in India?

(a) Lord Mayo

(b) Lord Ripon

(c) Lord Curzon

(d) Lord Clive


Qs 1
(b)   Qs 2 (b)   Qs 3 (a) 
Qs 4 (d)  Qs 5 (b)

Qs 6
(a)   Qs 7 (b)    Qs 8 (b) 
Qs 9 (d)  Qs 10 (a)

Explanations of some questions:

1. An atomic clock is a type of clock that uses
an atomic resonance frequency standard as its time keeping elements. Atomic
clock have been made based on the ryperfine transitions in hydrogen-1, caesium
-133 and rubidium – 87.

2. A concave lens is a thinner at its centre
than at its edge and is used to correct short sightedness (Myopia). Its image
is virtual and erect.

4. Tear gas is a chemical compound that
stimulates the corneal nerves in the eye to cause tearing and pain. Commonly,
tear gas includes bromides and chlorides of the element.

7. Indian Standard Time (IST) related to  82.50
E longitude. It passes through Allahabad.

9. Equatorial region is the land of maximum

10. Lord Mayo (1822 – 1872) was the Viceroy of
India from 1869 to 1872. He introduced a system of Local Self Government in