Sport Or Religion…Cricket

Well if I talk about my favorite sport, it was originated in England, and dominated by the likes of Windies, Austrailians and England in the early 1870s.

Ii is one of the most loved sport by the people of India which is almost treated as religion,yes it is cricket. Cricket is that sport that i can’t live without specially if it is of team India, either I will watch it on television or in case if that’s not possible then I keep myself updated through online scores.

However it is not just about ongoing matches, it is about everything which is happening around the world in cricket whether it is about new rules or it is about change in rankings of the players or anything. Currently Kohli from India, De Villers and Amla from Africa, Johnson from Australia and Anderson from England are my favorite cricketers among all.

If I talk about myself I am a lefty and like to bat and for that I really love batting of De villiers and Kohli. They are the two cricketers who are setting high standards by their batting all across the playing nations which I personally believe well there are other outstanding players also likes of Dhoni, Clarke, Amla etc.

I was huge fan of Ganguly and love him very much, now earlier when I was small what I used to that time, whenever any of the India match is going on and if he has got out I switch off my television it is weird but that’s true and same happens with my brother , he use to do the same for the legendary cricketer of all time , known as “GOD” in India i.e Sachin Tendulkar. We are family of cricket lover apart from my mom.

Now how it is possible that I am talking about cricket and I haven’t mention the fire of India vs Pakistan, whenever these two nations come together in a contest it is sure that it’s going to be a high voltage match and their will be some drama into it. Still remember 2003 world cup when sachin hit 6 to akhtar over point it was phenomenal.

It is not just restricted to Indian cricket but their is lot more to be taken from other teams whether you talk about proteas or australians. International Cricket is one aspect of the cricket but now a days in this modern day t20s has taken a special place in the heart of people because of which they mind set up has changed and people start disliking test matches which is a serious situation. IPL is also one of the reason behind this changing trend.

IPL is totally a new invention by BCCI which hold the cricket together as it brings all the cricketer from different playing nations, it has been beneficial for the youngsters to showcase their talent but it has also created problems for the test matches and for which now ICC has to think upon that how gain the interest of the people back. IPL has been full of controversies from the starting season till now as the new season has begun with the controversy, no doubt this mixture of industrialist , bollywood actors and cricketers are making people to come watch it but definitely it is causing too much to respect of the cricket.

ICC should think upon this and make decision regarding the same otherwise it will be very difficult for them to make people watch test matches which is the prestige of international cricket. It is the test match which overall analyses the capability like of patience and temperament in the cricketer because all three format require different techniques and it is difficult and essential to adapt the conditions of test matches. Being a cricketing lover and fan I personally feel there should be some changes need to be brought down by the ICC in one day and test matches for their survival. Well ICC is also ruling by the official from BCCI which has known as the hub of all cricketing nations.

I personally believe there is scope of change and amendment in the cricket, the working of BCCI should be more transparent as recently we have witnessed match fixing cases from different players of different nations either you take it from IPL or International cricket.

Being cricketing fan I would like to see test matches getting more interesting and the regulatory board taking some good decisions regarding the same which will take the cricket on to the different level.