SPJIMR’s GMP: Building Successful Global Leaders

The demand to be global has never been greater. SPJIMR’s Global Management Programme (GMP) prepares you to meet this demand. A winning combination of Indian and global learning, SPJIMR’s GMP is designed to make you a global leader of tomorrow.

At SPJIMR’s GMP, you will:

  • Get the freedom to choose the subject of your interest and study at SPJIMR’s foreign partner schools in US or Europe.
  • Develop a global perspective during the transformational 6 months at the SPJIMR campus.
  • Build a strong peer network in SPJIMR and abroad, which will be your source of constant guidance and support.
  • Be a part of an internationally recognized alumni network and a community of leaders that span across the globe.
  • Prepare yourself to grab right internship opportunities leading to jobs through rigorous learning and a forward-thinking approach.

Credit Transfer Mechanism

Confirming to its mission to create global leaders, GMP follows a format which facilitates smooth credit transfer. Credits earned by a student in the first six months of the program at SPJIMR are eligible for transfer in the partner schools. This generally covers one semester towards the successful completion of MBA or MS in Management (with specialization) at the partner school. As one credit of the MBA or MS is completed at SPJIMR’s GMP, this helps in reducing the total tuition fees at the partner school, as well.

Studying and Graduating at SPJIMR’s GMP Partner Schools: Getting Started

I. Work Experience

Most of the MS in Management and MBA programs in US with STEM-designation do not require any work experience. However, there are a few programs that require anywhere between 2 to 3 years of work experience. Please check the specialization table for further details.

II. Course Duration

In US STEM-designation is not applicable without completion of 2 semesters full-time in US. Hence, the part of the program to be completed in US at the partner school can vary anywhere between 12 to 18 months, depending on the specialization selected. However, in Europe, there are programmes that require just 6 months, i.e., a total of 1 year for an MBA or Masters in Management.

III. How to choose a partner school?

SPJIMR’s GMP takes pride in its partners. You will get an excellent education that can prepare you for a lucrative career at all our partner schools. At your end, as a candidate, your aim, however, should be on selecting the University/B-School that provides the specialization that fits with your experience, long term interest and academic background. When you put your prime focus on the specialization, selection will be simple and the road to an exciting career wouldn’t be far.

IV. Master Thesis/Internships

The course includes either a master thesis or an internship opportunity or both that prepares the students for today’s challenging work environment. During an internship, students usually earn a stipend of USD750 to USD15000.

V. Placements

After completing internships successfully, students often land jobs in the fields of product management, consulting, portfolio management, research, marketing, and finance. The average starting salary is USD85,000 in US or €55,000 in Europe.

It is advisable to contact our alumni and current batch students for details.  

Past recruiters include organizations like Adidas, Airbus, Allianz, Amazon, Apple, BASF, Continental, Daimler, Eon, Hitachi, ING, Interpol, Krupp, Thyssen, World Bank, to name a few.

STEM / OPT at Partner Schools in the USA

To deliver a solid understanding and a foothold of the global work culture, the four partner schools in the USA also provide three-year optional practical training (OPT) in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) on successful completion of the program. Besides providing hands on industry experience, these three years pave the way for H1b [work visa] application to enable students settle in the US.

Renowned Partner Schools

SPJIMR’s GMP partners with three of the highly renowned B-Schools in Europe (IÉSEG School of Management, EBS Business School, Nyenrode Business Universiteit) and four in the USA – USC Marshall (Los Angeles), UMD Smith (College Park), Brandeis (Boston) and School of Business at Stevens (New Jersey). The programmes are FT ranked, ensuring high class global education that helps the students chart their way to the top.


The admissions for the January 2020 batch have begun. If you have any query, please visit the official group for SPJIMR GMP Admissions January 2020.