Sometimes there is a reason; Sometimes it’s sheer passion

Things happen many a time out of sheer randomness. The way you want to enter the path you chose early in your life is not always the way you get into it. Sometimes you just don’t. Aspiring to have a Masters in Business Administration is not something that one can think about at an early age.One may have felt jitters after seeing ‘3 idiots’. Many would have been haunted by the sporadic questions like Why to pursue an MBA when it’s not the discipline in my under graduation education, do I want to do it just for the sake of a degree , am I jumping on an MBA bandwagon, and many more like that.

To all my dear friends, who are whirling in the pool of confusion of the mystique of ‘WHY MBA’, I have a very simple solution to this question.Try to identify yourself with the any of the two categories mentioned below.

There are two types of Adam-Eve descendant interested in an MBA:-

1. Role change aspirants – After working for a period at the grass roots level, you are well aware of the nitty-gritty of the business and have learned almost everything at that level worth learning and want to move-on. People under this roof, move-up on the rung of the career ladder by rounding off the rough edges and honing their managerial skills by pursuing the program which provide them with the structural and formal learning of management. They avail their industrial experience to connect the dots.

2.’Better late than never’ category – Buddies, it may be possible that you would have prepared yourself for the program by seeing your peers doing the same, but now you have really developed interest in making yourself more involved towards process rather than the ‘just working for the sake of working’ attitude.It is possible for an engineer to have an inclination more towards managing and organizing things than he has towards a DC motor.The same is true for designers,scientists, doctors and many other Creme de la creme in other fields.

MBA is about making managers. There is a lot on this blue planet that is made and needed to be handled. One cannot go delivering things without a definitive thought process. An application cannot reach its successful execution without a definitive set of processes. Producers need distributors or sellers.They need MBA to sell their products. They want MBA to generate returns on the assets they possess.

So, if you want to do an MBA with a heartfelt passion or pragmatic reason and the fire in you kindles for it, then don’t let it die or smother.


Non-Statutory Warning: – This article is not an answer to the question ‘why do you want to do an MBA.’