Sometimes, An All The Best is all you need.

Today, I was standing outside my CAT centre, sweating like a pig. Not because it is too hot, but because I was about to sit for one of the most important exam of the MBA cycle. Every formula and every sum and passage that I had ever done or read was rushing through my head with the recurring fear of forgetting something important, of having slept just an extra hour during which I could have studied, of letting myself down, of the one mock which I did not give because of being lazy.

I sat down, right there on the pavement and was almost on the verge of crying. It became too overwhelming. I thought, “I’m not gonna get into a good b-school, which means a horrid placement, which means a mediocre life.

Suddenly, a heard someone saying behind me,” All the Best.” I looked back to see a middle-aged woman, whose own son had gone inside the centre and was also appearing for the exam. She had one of the most wondrous smiles and there was something so heart-warming about her face. ” You’ll do good. Don’t worry and go inside.” Those words were the last thing she told me before, literally, holding my hand and taking me to the gate of the exam centre.


Now, that I sit here, on this laptop, in the known surroundings of my room, I realized that if it hadn’t been for that woman, I would not have gone into the centre. I would have definitely gone home.


I don’t know who needs it or not, but I guess when there is so much riding on those 140 minutes, everybody needs a well-wisher and I can honestly say that there will be nothing more satisfying than wishing to all those tired, on-the-verge-of-shattering souls ALL THE BEST.

Because, Sometimes that is all that they need. ?