Solace- Letters in Desperation

It might not help you, but whenever I am in a delusion of sorts I find solace in writing stuff in my diary (the diary’s name is Jargon, read understanding my language – all that Hi-Fi)

So here I am with my letters in desperation. These are addressed to a whole range of problems and happenings which I treasure the most in my life. Very personal they are.

Dear Money,

I don’t want to blame you but it seems that you are not liking it in here, I mean the space in my wallet and piggy-bank reflects to be minute in terms of your needs. I would request you that kindly stay where I keep you, you either run away to the Flipkart delivery guy or the the sales girls at the mall. I know you are tempted at the very sight of those books and tees but it would be nice if you take some time out in my wallet. I wish you come back soon at the start of the next month!

Dear CAT,

I have been preparing for this really interesting exam, just want to kill you this time. (Killing the CAT, means cracking the hell out of it). I wish I crack the maniacs in those 2 hours and come out victoriously. I just want to hold being a calm and composed soul. All these past few months have been nightmares. Burning the midnight oil, seeking problems over the internet, helping out fellows with their prep. I learned quite a lot, more so it helped me become half- a -manager in some ideologies.

I just pray that I get through this time. Wishing myself much needed luck, thanks for teaching me things I never knew existed. Just wait, I am gonna do my best !

With lots of love and expectations,