Someone has rightly said “Getting a Mentor is the shortcut to Success”.

A mentor to his student is what God is to us, he shows the path to success and stands by you to achieve it by withstanding the obstacles with you! Where will you be right now if not for all the teachers that guided you in your education and other extra-curricular activities? In a dump struggling to make ends meet, that’s where you would’ve been. I’m in no way exaggerating this fact, we owe our lives to these teachers, mentors and guides, who ensured that our future is as bright as the shining sun. Same applies in your post-graduation course too, a hand that will guide you through the ups and downs of the one year MBA course. SOIL has a mandatory mentorship module for all of its students and following are some ways on how a mentor changes your life in the institution –

  • Say no to hardships

You will never walk alone, no I’m not chanting the Liverpool FC slogan but stating that you will always have a person guiding you through hardships. Facing adversities in your one year PG program is inevitable but a driving force motivating you at every step eases the pain.

  • Nothing is off-limits

Have you ever shied away from taking a decision thinking that it may fail? Well, not with a mentor, he will give you that push in taking risky but calculated decisions, never will you be judged on your idea however stupid you feel it is. During your leadership course in SOIL you will be making several decisions related to your academics, internships, social innovation programs and more. All these decisions will be filtered by your mentor but they will never be off-limits.

  • Propel you forward

No matter what, the mentor will always propel you forward. It may take him countless efforts (depending on how dumb you’re), he may yell and scold you in the process but he will ensure that your career moves ahead. After all you’re the reflection of his ideologies and he can’t see himself fail.The mentorship module in SOIL is built on the same notions mentioned above. Over here you will be assigned with two mentors – an internal faculty member and an external mentor who is a corporate leader. Here you can seek career and academic guidance from your mentors, they won’t disappoint and the 1 year full time MBA in India that you’re pursuing from SOIL will be a huge success.

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