SOIL made it happen in my life, what many consider a dream!

was the end of the first term and I was heading for my internship to Mahindra
& Mahindra (M&M), Mumbai. It was a one month long internship and I have
already been fed with the dos and don’ts of working at the organization by
various sources. I was told that it is a great place to work and in fact the company
did win the ‘Great Place to Work’ award for this year. I was excited to not
only witness HRD in action but also to get myself in action.

being a HR student was offered an opportunity to intern with the Central HR
team under the organization development area. I was assigned a project based on
an internal career development tool for the employees of M&M. Though I just
had two core subjects of HR in my first term I was able to pull it off by
giving myself totally in to the process and working with attention to detail. As
part of the work activity I was scheduled to meet the middle and senior level
managers including the department heads to interview, discuss and gather
information for the tool. The meetings with the managers earned me great
functional learning about the various functions in the sector. I realized all
the objectives set and submitted the project – one week before the end of my
internship along with the list of suggestions and ideas for the betterment of
the tool.

got rave reviews for my work and was highly appreciated by everyone in the team
including the VP of Human Resources, which until date I hold it very special to
my heart. I was offered a pre-placement offer (PPO) the very first day I
reached SOIL after my internship. It was great news for the whole of SOIL
family and I still remember the moment when the news was revealed – the whole
batch was applauding for little over a minute. This is the culture of SOIL
where the whole fraternity acts like a family and you always feel integrated
with the atmosphere.

now the question is how it all happened. When one succeeds one always tends to
look for the ’cause’ of it because then one could have control over it and make
it happen the next time. After prolonged thought, I discovered that the
experience I have had in SOIL for the last three months have made me better as
a person and as a leader of the ‘Self’. The only reason I joined SOIL despite
having an admission letter from a management school in the US was that it
imparted ‘holistic education’, enabling people to choose a career rather than a
job. Thus, the PPO is only a consequence of my experience at SOIL and, hence,
it is the experience that I respect and cherish, at the first place, for it is
the cause which has led the fortune to happen.

Sekar. R

Resource Leadership Program


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