SOIL Admission Process- A Self Discovery

Applying to the college or university of your dreams is thrilling and nerve-racking at the same time. No one enjoys filling in forms, and everyone wants to know the secret formula to crack the process. Is there a fixed equation to ensure if one gets admitted or denied?

Well, our admission staff reads applications with the whole community—both inside and outside the classroom—in mind. This primarily means that we are not just finding students who can thrive in rigorous academic environment, but also have character traits and community awareness to compliment the culture and beliefs of SOIL.

The first thing you discover in this process is WHO YOU ARE??? Therefore, SOIL’s Admission process is a selection process and not an elimination process. Everyone is unique, thus the entire process of SOIL’s Talent Appreciation Process (TAP) is designed to find what are your natural strengths and what are you best at!!

Once you have filled the Application form there will be 3 steps for the entire process.

First Step -Essays

Recognising the unique talents and aligning those with a higher purpose makes us an inspired leader. Thus, the essays revolve around the questions like, if you had all the time and resources in the world, what would you like to create and why? This helps us to understand what our applicants dream about and how SOIL can add value to help them realize their aspirations.

Each applicant after paying the registration fee must submit the essays within two days of making the payment.

Second Step -SOIL Talent Appreciation Test (STAT)

SOIL Talent Appreciation Test (STAT) is a 115-minute assessment that helps us understand your leadership potential and strengths of your personality. The STAT test considers four personality traits that contribute to the making of a great leader. 

  • Leadership potential
  • Reasoning and Ideation potential
  • Relationship building potential
  • Self-Leadership potential

Third Step- Interview

Interviews are conducted by a SOIL faculty member and a senior member from the industry. Interviews last about 45 minutes and you will be asked questions about your background and your aspirations, and what you are best at.

Then, the final decision will be emailed to all the candidates within two weeks of taking the interview.

SOIL admission process is an experience of self-discovery. We wish All the best to each one of you.

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