Management is the best subject choice to study after graduation. It opens up new vistas of career for a student whether running his own Company or focusing on a Corporate Career. It gives skills to deal with people, managing time, developing good communication, team spirit and reflective thinking. It also examines how business organizations are shaped and how management planning, organizing and decision-making contribute to the various organizational functions.

Getting a management degree makes one marketable in the job market. Although one can go up the corporate ladder with years of experience but a degree in management helps in the smooth sailing of success. Certain fields like Finance, Banking and Consultancy do not promote employees without a Management degree. It is also helpful for Graduate Engineers as it gives them a better perspective and a broader scope in terms of career choice.

Studying Management helps one gain the techniques of leadership. Gone are the days of individual work, now mostly all companies involve the resources to work in a team and when one manages a team, he is actually leading the team. The B schools conduct varieties of sessions on people Management, personality development , team building etc that help inculcate Leadership traits in students.

Lastly studying Management helps in starting one’s own business. An MBA degree gives tools to set up businesses from scratch and manage them through the years. Many of the entrepreneurs have their MBA degrees to thank them for their success.

By:- Rituparna Prasoon (Faculty of H.R.)