SNAP (2013): No Sectional cut-offs, No Question Paper to carry, more Work with the Form

SNAP 2013 form has asked for a few additional requirements this year. These, have got candidates all worked up. PaGaLGuY asked a senior official from the Symbiosis Test Secretariat to explain them.

This time the form has asked for a ‘qualifying degree percentage awarded by your university‘ – what does it mean?

The marks obtained in the qualifying degree are exactly those awarded by ‘your’ University. This will be considered for the purpose of deciding eligibility to apply to/ be admitted to a programme. Those who are in their last year, can provide details upto the 4th or 6th semester depending on what they are currently pursuing.

What is the difference between marks for Academic Profile and marks obtained in the Qualifying Degree?

Marks obtained for the Academic Profile (AP) plainly means ‘consistency’ in academic performance. It is calculated taking into consideration the performance in all semesters/ years of the qualifying degree (irrespective of your University`s Rules for award of Class/ Division/ Percentage/ Grades etc.

How does one calculate Academic Profile?

One has to add marks of all the semesters/ years.

And what if one does not have ‘marks’ to show but grades or points?

Where the University awards grades/ points without specifying corresponding marks, or formula for conversion of grades/ points to marks, use any of the following method to convert the grades or points.

Count the number of pass grades/ points mentioned in the Statement of Grades/ Points. Assign 95% to highest grade/ point and 35% to the lowest grade/ point. Divide the difference 60 (95-35=60) which will give you the interval.

Or assign a percentage of the individual grade/ point in descending order and calculate the average of all the grades/points. Insert percentage of marks obtained and maximum marks on the scale of 100. For Example: If there are 13 Pass Grades/ Points in a particular University. (n=13) The highest Grade/ Point (A OR 1) will be 95% The lowest Grade/ Point (M OR 13) will be 35% 60 (95-35=60) will be divided by (n-1) which is 13-1=12. Hence 60/ 12= 5.00 Assign Percentage in descending order:

What if there are no marks but CGPA/ GPA?

Then, the candidate has to convert the CGPA/ GPA of all the semesters/ years and enter in the field of marks obtained and maximum marks on the basis of guidelines prescribed in the Admission Bulletin of the MBA programmes of Constituent Institutes of SIU – 2014.

What about sectional cut-offs and question paper?

No, this year too, candidates will not be allowed to take the question paper home. And there will not be any sectional cut-offs either.

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