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  • Six Reasons to Apply Early to MISB

    While you may think you’ve got plenty of time to spare when it comes to applying to MISB Bocconi, the truth is that there are many advantages to getting a jump start on the process.

    on for six reasons to aim for the Round 1 deadline of January 31.

    1. Secure
    Your Spot

    PGPB at MISB has a firm, predetermined class size, and we do not accept any
    future applications once we reach this limit. Applying during Round 1 ensures
    that you won’t be rejected simply because of a numbers game.

    2. Get
    Your Finances In Order

    your financial aid options can take time. When you apply to MISB, you can
    expect to receive your offer letter within a week of applying, meaning that
    Round 1 applicants have significantly more time to put the finance pieces into
    place. Not to mention – you may have less to piece together. (See #3.)

    3. An
    Inside Edge on Tuition Waivers

    MISB, we offer both full and partial merit-based tuition waivers to candidates
    with outstanding profiles. However, only candidates who have completed their
    applications and been admitted to the PGPB are eligible for funding. The
    majority of support is awarded during the first round, so the sooner you apply,
    the better your chances.

    We’re looking forward to your application! Apply Now

    4. Boost
    Your Scores

    everyone gets their best score right out of the gate. Because you can still
    report test scores – either for the Bocconi Entrance Test (BET) or an alternate
    entrance test, such as the CAT, CMAT, GMAT, GRE or XAT – after submitting your
    application, you’ll have less energy tied up in paperwork and more time to
    focus on acing your entrance test.

    5. Plan

    you’re returning to b-school from the workplace, gaining early acceptance to
    MISB can give you enough time to plan your exit. Additionally, many students
    choose to use this “cushion” to spend extra time with family and friends before
    the rigours of b-school begin.

    6. Peace
    of Mind

    of mind can’t be quantified, but that’s because it’s invaluable – particularly
    during the potentially stressful b-school application process. By applying
    early to MISB, you can minimize stress while taking one step closer to your
    bright future as a member of the MISB community.

    caveat: While applying early has definite incentives, the benefits of
    submitting a thorough and comprehensive application trump all else. Whether you
    make it into Round 1 or shoot for a later deadline, make sure your application
    is its most compelling and complete before you click “Submit.”

    looking forward to your application! Apply Now

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