SIESCOMS Director Speak #2 – Don’t Worry: Be Happy

Most results comes with a lots of mixed feelings. While “only a few” bask in the glory of being in the top class percentiles holders, majority of students sulk when they land up with scores that do not leave many options for a dream business school.

The results of MAH – CET 2018 was announced on March 19, 2018. This year, a record number of 98,602 candidates appeared for the test but just one student secured the top score of 165/200. While only 101 students obtained marks over 126, more than 92,000 students scored less than 100 and 70,000 scored less than 60 marks.

Is it the end of the journey for such students with less marks? Not at all especially when you look at a study conducted by Gallup, Inc., an American research-based, global performance-management consulting company. Founded by George Gallup in 1935, the company became known for its public opinion polls conducted worldwide. It provides research and strategic consulting to large organizations in many countries focusing on “analytics and advice to help students, leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems”.

The Gallup-Purdue study of 30,000 graduates shows that 97 pc of them felt that institutions don’t matter much. What mattered for them was the experience they had during education and a mere 3% of all the graduates believed that “Institutions do matter” in shaping personal life. The study found that support and experiences in business schools had more of a relationship to long-term outcomes for these graduates. For example, if graduates recalled having a professor who cared about them as a person, made them excited about learning, and encouraged them to pursue their dreams, their chances of thriving in all aspects of their well-being improved significantly. And if graduates had an internship where they were able to apply what they were learning in the classroom, were actively involved in extracurricular activities and organizations, and worked on projects that took a semester or more to complete, their chances of doing well in life doubled as well.

Management courses are popular worldwide for fresh graduates as they provide a fairly structured path to build a career, albeit with a lot of competition from other aspirants. However, when we look around, one can see a myriad of options in terms of AICTE approved business schools that offer Post Graduate of Diploma in Management (PGDM). It’s a foregone conclusion that every aspiring candidate is looking forward to join one of the top business schools but the choices get severally hit by many important factors such as location, cost …….and above all marks in competitive exams & personal interviews.

Academic achievements are crucial for important translating achievements into a successful career but they are not everything. Time and again studies, like Gallup have concluded that many other factors play an important role for someone to be able to kick start his career. One of them is the experiential learning provided by the institutions. A careful selection of institution which focuses on experiential learning and holistic growth of an individual is therefore of utmost importance.

So even if some one failed to score well in competitive exams and stands no chance to get into the institutions of his choice, there are many brighter options that ae available for these students. Many top class institutions like SIESCOMS ( offer AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma (PGDM) which is well suited with robust experiential pedagogies that hone managerial potential a students. SIESCOMS offers opportunities galore to purse one’s dream to be a successful corporate honcho. You can also get ample scope and opportunities to explore the field of study of your choice like Marketing, Finance, Big Data, HR, Operations etc. In doing so, you neither have to face a break in your career by skipping admissions for a year just because you are not one of the toppers in any of the competitive exams.

So friends, even if you missed the chance to get into IIMs or XLRI, there are many top class business schools which are capable of providing a great fillip to your career.

Dr Bigyan Verma

Director | SIESCOMS