Sidharth Balakrishna’s GDPI Tip of the day: Highlight your achievements while introducing yourself

In Interviews, the candidate is often firstly asked to introduce himself/ herself. Before the interview, he/ she is often given a form to fill.

In your introduction, I suggest you go beyond just mentioning the school/ college you studied in, where you work, the marks you obtained etc. Highlight your achievements and what you enjoy doing. Try to relate that to the course you are applying to and what you want to learn. You could also mention some interesting aspects of your life or your personality. In short, try to make the interview panel interested in you as an individual.

This is because many studies have shown that Interview panels often make up their mind whether to select the candidate or not in the first few seconds of the Interview itself. The rest of the Interview is more to confirm the initial quick opinion.

So think about what you wish to say in your Introduction carefully.

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