SIBM-Bangalore | ALCHEMY & SATKALA 2013

SIBM – Bangalore is in a festive mood altogether with a Corporate Event called ‘ALCHEMY’ and the event celebrating artwork ‘SATKALA’.

ALCHEMY is a management conclave where the stalwarts of various corporate organisations visit the campus to share their insights on their comprehension of the industry and their success mantras to survive in today’s challenging environment. The theme of ALCHEMY 2013 was ‘Change Revolutionize Lead’. This management conclave was held in 3 parts the Finance Conclave, the Marketing Conclave and the HR Conclave.

The topic for the Finance Conclave was “Cracking the Conundrum” – From Gloom to Glory. We had a few keynote speakers and also a panel discussion on this topic where they tried to unravel the puzzle that the various micro and macroeconomic layers emanate from the roots of the Indian Financial System.

The topic for the Marketing Conclave was “Badalta Bazaar” – The Market Makeover. This deals with the discussion about the constantly evolving market and the futuristic mediums of communication, digital revolution, with Analytics and Big Data. We had some more keynote speakers and also a panel discussion around the same topic.

The topic for the HR Conclave read “Painting the Moving Canvas” – The HR Story. This topic revolves around employee branding as to why and how does some company becomes a dream company for some. It was discussed by the various keynote speakers and the panel members about why this sort of branding sets into the minds of the people.

“SATKALA” is an event where the students and corporates engage in the making of various art-work like paintings, photography, etc and this artwork of theirs is kept on a display for two whole days. It is then judged by renowned artists of India. The winning artifacts will be displayed at CHITRAKALA PARISHAD, Bangalore.

Both these events for approximately many coverage on media and both have been a huge success. Thus, 20th and 21st September, 2013 were two days worth spending at SIBM-Bangalore. I hope this trend continues and next year turns out to be a bigger hit for ALCHEMY and SATKALA both. Signing off with an “ALL THE BEST” to the batch of 2013-15 of SIBM-Bangalore.