Should You Choose MISB Bocconi Over Other Schools?

Being a student at MISB Bocconi, I think I can say this with
credibility. So, is MISB the best B-School today? No. Do they have the
potential to be one of India’s top institutes in the not so distant future?
Most definitely yes. MISB is still just 4-yrs old, and that is a very important
fact in my answer here.

The campus is one floor, but I disagree that it is
preventing you from having a Campus Life or the “aura”. If interacting with
your peers is really what you want, and if you understand the concept of
‘Probability’, you realise your chance of running into each other is a lot more
on one floor, than it is on a 200-acre campus. I speak from experience. And what
it lacks in space, it more than makes up in facilities. It is open to students
24 hrs, with free Wi-fi and AC in all classrooms, a canteen and snack area.
There are dedicated study areas too where you can go and burn the midnight oil.
Located a stone’s throw from the heart of Powai, accessibility isn’t an issue.
We have tie-ups with the local Football Turf grounds, Powai Racquets Club etc
and hold regular sporting events. On campus, we have Table-Tennis and Foosball
tables. In addition to all this, we share a highly interactive relation with
the Professors, both in and outside the classroom. Professors join us for
Dinner and Lunch and always stay in touch.

A majority of the professors come from Bocconi University,
Milan which is ranked as among the very best Universities in Europe and the
World. Their approach to teaching is very hands-on, highly updated, with
multiple case studies, and lots of interaction. All teaching material is
accessed via a digital medium. The E-Learning platform is your one-stop for
everything you need academically. Reading material, case studies, slides are
all uploaded here. Besides this, all professors start their first lecture by
providing their personal Email IDs and Mobile Phone numbers. Emails usually get
replied to within 12 hrs, and they are more than happy to talk to you. We also
have a dean, Ex-IIM Professor Dr. Himanshu Rai who has been a strong pillar
when it comes to giving Indian perspective to the learnings at MISB. We also
have IIM professors coming down to Mumbai to teach us, essentially giving us
the best of both worlds. In terms of our connections to companies and
recruitments, the first batch had an average package of Rs 9.9LPA (which in my
opinion is stunning for the very first batch of any B-School), which went to Rs
10.23LPA for the next batch and it’s expected to go further up. 
We have done live
projects with the Aditya Birla Group, Future Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, 
ICICI and that’s just my batch. Our summer internships consisted of companies
like Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Loreal, Future Group, ICICI, Piaggio etc with
stipends of up to Rs 60,000 pm. Some have even managed to get Pre-Placement
Offers and Interviews. 
top of all this, we have a mandatory exchange semester at Bocconi, Milan
(September to December) where we get to experience a whole new world there. We
interact with students from multiple nationalities, get to live alone in a new
country and visit surrounding countries there. That teaches you a lot about
life, people and how things work in different ways. It has gone a long way to
expand my horizon in what I want to do with my life and my career.

In conclusion, should you choose MISB over other business
think that would be a personal preference, and it’s
not simply a question of which is better in terms of academics or pay packages.
But if you have doubts that MISB is not a top notch college, then I can assure
you that it is. What I would suggest though is to come over and sit for one of
the open classes. You’ll get a better idea of what it’s like, and what to
expect, and then make your decision. 

I hope this helps you make a more informed decision.

This article is written by Aadil Naik, PGPB3 student. It
first appeared on Quora