Sholay vs B-School Interviews

Sholay with its monstrous records and various titles as “Film of the Millennium” by BBC India made it a darling for every Indian to proudly say about Indian Film Industry.Now let us look at some of the similarities between Sholay and B-School Interview.

Entering into Ramgarh vs Entering into Interview room

Instead of the terror all around of Gabbar , Jay and Veeru decided to take the assignment given by Thakoor to them for some money.Thus they entered into ramgarh and decided to stay in Haveli untill they encounter Gabbar. Thakoor wanted Gabbar captured alive.

Yes , alive dude !!!!!

Same is case in B-School Interview where terror here is of professors and industry persons who take our interview ready to nail us with questions but I decided to attend the interviews as the reason here is to get into B-School. Gabbar would not miss this world with the abundance presence of Panel who nail the candidates with ruthless questions.

Veeru Kidnapped vs Marks of PI in their hand

Gabbar ,with its usual style, asked kalia to tell him the date of Holi in his style,”Holi kab h , kab h holi”,and asked basanti to dance on his tunes if she want to save her love,Veeru.With no option in hands she did exactly what gabbar asked her to.

Beware:Don’t try to do this in your B-school Interviews.

Same is case here where Panel holds the key to the interview marks thus we are left with no option but to answer them the questions like,”What is reason behind the smile of Monalisa” and one was like “What the hell he is asking , Because of Monalisa ,I might loose Mona whose reason for smile I know” and gave the answer of usual Beating around the bush types.

We don’t know properly about Why we smile forget about Why Monalisa smiled

Celebrating Holi vs Questions on Extra-Curricular

Ramgarh was filled with colors in holi. Jay,Veeru,Basanti,Radha and many others celebrated holi while on the other side they were getting more closer.All in all that was something to cherish forever for them.

Humari basanti kab milegi pata nhi ?

In the interview , in the midst of “Policy paralyses” to “Why India should be given a seat in UNSC” to “Is there any relationship between Osama Bin Laden and LeT” then comes this next question of “So you have done a lot of extra-curricular .Tell me what you did in that NGO”.Here atleast we know what we did and not bother about What Finance Minister did or What UNSC did or for that matter What Osama Bin Laden did.

Jay died vs Why MBA?

Gabbar fraudulently killed Jay by using diversionary tactics of using Water Flow theory to encircle them and then attack. Jay tossed his coin but he saved Veeru by using Biased coin where probabilty of getting Tail was 0.

This question is also last nail in the coffin for many where almost 50% don’t have any clue about this and 8 out 10 want to become entrepreneurs leaving no room for the panel to say them ,”Ok , We are done”.