Server issues during online choice filling process for IIT admission

The slow down server issue of the official portal of Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) caused problems to a lot of students. Many JEE rankers were unhappy because of this server issue in which they had to lock in their choices. This meant that a lot of students could not participate accurately in the process.

The joint seat allocation for the IITs, NITs and IIITs was conducted for the first time from this year. Though several students have secured a seat in the first round of seat allocation, many rankers couldn’t. Several of such rankers who have either not got seat allocated in the first round or are not satisfied with their seat allocation blamed the slow server of the JoSAA portal.

Sachin Sharma, whose rank in the JEE Mains, 2015 was 41500, alleged that the website of Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) was down several times during the last 3 days of allocated for the online choice filling in due to which he could not partake. He demanded another round of counselling for students who faced issues like him.

Another student of Kota, Vedangi Mukadam, who secured the 42,000nd ranks in JEE Mains this year, told that she had participated in the online process and was hopeful for a seat allocation in the first round but she has not got any seat allocated. She also alleged that she could file only 176 choices of the Institution/branches out of over 550 choices due to server’s poor speed which could also be the reason behind denial of seat allocation to her in the first round. “There are 3 rounds of seat allocation left in which I’m hoping to get a seat allocated,” she said.

“Every time I tried to lock choices, the session expired and I was logged out”, alleged another Ranker Dheeraj Kumar Patidar from Jhalawar who secured the 46,552nd Rank in JEE Mains, 2015. He said that he probably could have got decent seat in the seat allocation process but the server issues proved to be a shocker and he missed out on the chance.

While there were many JEE Rankers who participated in the online process but could not make the desired choices in the first round. A Counsellor at the Allen Career Institute, Kota, Amit Ahuja said that many JEE Rankers approached the coaching institute with problems related to poor server speed of JoSAA. “I myself saw the pop up message of server maintenance during Joint Counselling. This affected a lot a students,” he said.

After the ranks goof up, it is now the server issues of the website that had piqued many students.