Sensational Sidhbari

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better – Albert Einstein

I truly believe that nature is one of the most wonderful teachers available to mankind. And an opportunity to visit Sidhbari turned out to be a truly delightful journey of self discovery.

Having a close encounter with nature was indeed the best experience that I witnessed. The serene sunrise, bountiful greenery comprising of myriad varieties of trees, soothing sight of the babbling brooks, and wonderful weather inter alia were the moments and sights that provided me with an opportunity to unshackle my latent capacity to learn continually and be myself by being joyful.

The Appreciative Inquiry session undertaken by Anil Sir was clearly all about appreciating ourselves and others, and therefore harnessing our potential to enjoy a better work as well as personal life. And appreciation is not for human beings, but also towards nature, as nature is truly the best gift of joy and learning available to mankind.

It was wonderful to attend unique sessions facilitated by the faculty under the lap of the nature. Understanding the practical aspects of life, instead of the usual integral focus on theoretical learning, was indeed an experience par excellence!

Nithya Shanti’s sessions were a true delight, and left an indelible impression on the minds of many. His sessions were all about the amalgamation of spirituality and reality at its best! Simple yet highly effective learning such as making every day the happiest day, do-en, gratitude – the greatest attitude, conscious creation in 68 seconds, true-mors, Japanese water therapy etc. are all the aspects that one can practice and ingrain in one’s behavior and attitudes – which can make us feel content with whatever we have, be grateful to oneself and others, and focus more on simplicity rather than complexity. How wonderful! And so it is!

The trip to villages near Sidhbari as a part of CORD’s initiative was probably the most humbling experience. We got an opportunity to meet the village children, mahilamandals, farmers, and differently-abled people. Our team was amazed to see how the villagers were adept at managing resources so effectively and efficiently, and the innate capacity to remain joyful all throughout, with whatever they have. The villagers exemplified the beautiful amalgamation of humility and simplicity. As the saying goes as: it is simple to be happy, but it is difficult to be simple!

By Kushagra Jhalani

HR Leadership Program

School of Inspired Leadership, Batch of 2012-13