Okay, so the idea of this note emanated from a three hour long intense discussion (Bakchodi, as it is being called these days) that the three of us had in the car a few days back. Though the central idea primarily remains different from what we had discussed with great alacrity, it did give me a lot to ponder over the sanctity of ‘self-worship’!

Case #1: The Rat Race

Well I was supposed to abstain myself from writing about this one as the first ‘case’ here, mainly because it fits into the theme as much as Katrina Kaif fits into the film industry, zabardasti, just to add an element of ‘glamour’ and the like.But as bad as I am at curbing those pangs of, err, Reality-CheckIns, I really couldn’t do much to avoid it.

Anyway, Campuses are brimming with this one – The heights of idiosyncrasies of the people who are studying like anything, are secretly preparing for all the GRE’s, GMAT’s CAT’s and Placements of the world by shoving all the CL, TIME and blaah modules down their throat, and yet when you make a feeble attempt to inquire about their preparations, all that you get for an answer is that pathetically concocted expression that says “Yaaar maine to kuch bhi nahi kia, sara time Whatsapp ya Big Boss le leta hai.”

Dude, just one thing- stop being a moron and stop considering others as one too.

That is Self-Interest at its best.

Need I say more?

No, not me. But Akash Gautam does.

‘Even if you win the rat race- you’ll still be a chuhaa.’ How right could he be!

Case #4: The Baggage Of Expectations

It kills to break somebody’s great expectations of you. But if that somebody is you, it takes longer than just a while to catch up with the reality that gazes back from the broken pieces of your own hopes and aspirations.

But let’s say, that you allow yourself to enter into a new environment without knowing what to expect of yourself, wouldn’t that be just tranquilizing? Encouraging? Soothing? The world we live in has some outrageous stereotypes, the rhetoric of which is ratcheted up every now and then. And it diminishes that remaining glimmer of hope too, yeah. Expectations do that. A lot.


First move, Think. Only this time, about yourself. There is much more to life than just drooling over what pados wali aunty, chachi, maami, bua, dost ki aunty ki bua ki beti and everybody else expect of you. I am not saying that their expectations should be shirked with disregard, but if same start taking take a toll on you, then disregard is probably the most courteous thing you can do!

Stay liberated, Stay happy. You are not meant to cater to everybody’s expectations of you, always.

It’s a great thing indeed – living for yourself. Personally ‘Experienced (experiencing still!)