Second year student at NIT Durgapur commits suicide

Amit Kumar, a second year student of the Computer Science Engineering branch of NIT Durgapur, allegedly committed suicide in the early hours of Friday, August 26, 2016. The student was found in a pool of blood by his hostel mates on the ground floor of his hostel, with injury marks on his neck, and wrists 

A student who resides in the same hostel says, “He was always shy and reticent; there was nothing uncanny about his behaviour. We didn’t see any reason for such a drastic step; for him to jump off the building or slit his wrists and neck.” A few friends of the victim pointed out that he could be in depression and have stated so to the police as well. “He was a wonderful artist and also played the guitar.”

Senior Inspector Sujit Mukherjee, Durgapur Police Station, says, “We cannot comment on what caused his death as we are still waiting for the post-mortem report. Prima facie it looks like a suicide. He has left a note behind in the room apologizing to his parents and relatives.” Further, the Inspector also said that it isn’t clear if the student jumped off the terrace of his hostel or was pushed over.

A professor at NIT Durgapur says, “The demise is a huge loss. We offer our condolences to his parents, but also urge students to take help if they are in need.”