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  • SEBI Grade A Exam Pattern and Syllabus

    The SEBI Grade A exam consists of 3 phases. These are listed below:

    • Phase I (on-line mode, qualifying examination for 200 marks)
    • Phase II (on-line mode examination consisting of three papers of 100 marks each – total 300 marks)
    • Phase III (Interview)

    Take an elaborated look at the structure of every exam stage and what the syllabus to be prepared for each stage entails here –

    SEBI Grade A Phase I Exam


    Duration: 2 hours

    Mode: Online

    Date: 17th November 2018

    Candidates have to secure at least 40% cut-off marks in each test separately.
    Candidates 10 times the declared vacancies shall be shortlisted for Phase II.


    Only the syllabus for ‘Awareness about Securities Market’ test of Phase I has been provided by SEBI

    I. Securities Market
    Topic  Sub-sections
    Indian Financial System
    • Introduction
    • Structure
    • Finance commission
    • Financial administration
    • Receipts of the Government
    • Expenditures of the Government.
    Capital markets
    • Primary market
    • Instruments
    • Legal issues and regulations
    • Secondary market
    • Stock exchanges
    • Brokers
    • Trading in stock exchanges
    • Forward trading
    • Stock index
    • Depositories
    • Regulations
    Bond Market
    • Money market
    • G.sec Market
    • Corporate bond market
    • Bond valuation
    • Duration
    • Sensitivity
    • Risk
    Foreign Exchange Market
    • Exchange control
    • Fixation of exchange rate
    • Exchange control in India
    • FEMA
    • Foreign exchange transactions of commercial banks in India
    • Currency convertibility
    • Currency forwards, futures and options
    • Trading in foreign exchange market
    • Relationship between money market and foreign exchange market
    Commodity Market
    Commodity trading and exchanges
    International Capital Markets
    • Instruments
    • Guidelines
    • Foreign investment in India and its regulations.
    II. Securities Law
    Relationship between Company Law and securities law
    Basic concepts related to securities law, like capital, public offer and securities
    Historical Background of securities law
    SEBI as a Market regulator, Powers and Functions of SEBI, Quasi legislative powers, executive powers and quasi-judicial powers
    Regulating the intermediaries and Stock exchanges, Meaning and Type of securities, Securities Contract, Corporatization, Demutualization and regulation of stock exchange, Listing Agreement, Dematerlisation and Rematerlisation
     Rights and duties of Depository (NSDL AND CSDL) , Depository Participant, Issuer and beneficiary
     Unpublished Price Sensitive Information(UPSI) , Insider as connected person, Insider as the person having access to UPSI, Trading on the basis of UPSI
    Mergers Amalgamation and takeovers, Types and legal processes during takeover, Substantial
    Acquisitions, Exemptions by law, Exemption BY SEBI
    Public offer and disclosure requirements
    Unfair Trade Practices in the securities market, Securities Market offences, Prohibition of Insider Trading
    SEBI ICDR Regulations
    Public Offer requirements
    Role of SEBI as a Regulator
    Securities Appellate Tribunal
    Role of Courts in enforcing securities regulations

    SEBI Grade A Phase II Exam


    Date: 16th December 2018

    The SEBI Grade A 2018 exam has 3 papers each for 100 marks. Each stream will be tested on different papers except the Paper-II of Phase II, which is the English writing skills paper. Below is the format for Phase II:

    Candidates 3 times the number of declared vacancies shall be shortlisted for the Interview.

    To know the syllabus for every paper mentioned above, candidates are advised to refer to the Annexure of the official detailed advertisement released be SEBI.

    SEBI Detailed Advertisement mentions the syllabus for every paper in the Annexure section SEBI Grade A Detailed Advertisement 

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