SDMIMD Director Speak – 3 Qualities of a Leading B-School

“Any B-school should satisfy at least three primary conditions for it to be labelled among the top. The first and foremost is that the vision and mission of the Institute should be excellence and not any other gain. For this, the promoters of the school should be philanthropic in their approach and having a deep sense of social responsibility. Secondly, since management education is a total experience, a top level infrastructure is a must. This includes good living facilities for students, a class library, great classrooms, facilities for interaction and recreation and a total atmosphere for learning. Thirdly the B-school must have a strong academic rigour process, including structured curriculum, clear outlines and expectations from students, uncompromising schedule of academics and examinations and finally a team of faculty which is committed and qualified.

SDMIMD has all these in abundance. Promoted by the 600-year old Dharmasthala Trust, the sense of giving and “dharma” is seen in every one of our initiatives. The award-winning campus has all that it takes to make this class living for students. Over the years, the academic structure, pedagogy and curriculum have come in for praise for all around”

By Dr. N R Parasuraman

Director – SDMIMD, Mysore