Science stream after tenth standard, opens a spectrum of opportunities

The question over whether Science as a stream is better than Arts and Commerce or the other way round is always an issue of debate. When children score high marks in the tenth exams, parents tend to push children towards Science even if the children are inclined towards Humanities. If parents have their way out, the situation can get stressful for children. But the fact is that Science as a stream has far more ‘benefits’ than other options. Science is a must if the IITs and the NITs are the ultimate goals.

Also, Science, as a stream allows you to take up multiple career options, even those traditionally hankered after by Arts or Commerce students. It rarely happens the other way round.

At 14 or 15 years of age, children don’t have the maturity or exposure to know what is right for them, with regards to choosing a profession. They are dependent on their parents and teachers to be able to make this choice for them. And parents prefer to choose Science because of the variety of options available.

Concepts taught in the eleventh and twelfth standard in the Science stream are also part of the syllabus for engineering entrance exams. Though of course, for the entrance exams, the concepts are taught in a more comprehensive and competitive manner. And that is because at the engineering prep level, a certain IQ level is a must. Not to forget the rigorous study routine.

But nothing today is difficult to achieve. Two years of consistent and steady practice will get the child through these exams with ease. On an average, a child needs to solve just 50 problems a day, for 600 days, to ensure that all their basic concepts are cleared. This, when done, will get the student through these competitive entrance exams.

Maths is another reason why Science is a better option.Math is a big help for future career choices.

This year of course, for those who have appeared for their engineering exams, the worry about seat allocation to the premium institutes is also an easy affair – since the sea allocation to the IITs and NITs is combined.

Though there is a speculation that the cutoffs will increase, I think they all remain the same. Which also means, there is scope for more number of aspirants to secure a seat. Previously when the IITs and NITs allocated seats differently, a student unhappy with his allocated IIT seat could wait for the NIT seat. He could choose to cancel IIT and take NIT if the location suited him. This however left the IIT seat vacant because IITs cannot admit students after four rounds of allocations. This vacancy of seats will not happen this year. Hence, the cutoff too will remain more or less the same.

Prof. Manish Behl, is the Founder-Director at Synapse Academy of Science and has been coaching students since a decade.