Scholarships help! Especially if you want to stay motivated through out.

I often come across this particular question from my juniors, friends and family- “Why do a MBA?” Having thought about it for a while and weighing all the sides of the balance, I have understood the multiple reasons for which I had actually opted for higher studies in management.

For me opting for a management course was mainly pivoted on the agenda of improving my knowledge and getting a sound grip on managerial aspects of the corporate world. It was also about enhancing and polishing my soft skills and trying to chart out the ultimate route for my professional career. It is one thing to pick lessons and another thing to make the art come handy in daily life. It is easy to sit, mug up and scribble the theories down in a classroom atmosphere but it is very difficult when you confront corporate challenges which come complimentary with daily work schedules and stress. A management trained professional is blessed with techniques to deal both the theories and the practical. I wanted just that for my career.

Thankfully, after scourging and researching elaborately on business schools of the country, I narrowed down to one. Again, innumerable reasons played behind my mind while focusing on the school. Adding to that the general considerations, a scholarship made it all easy. Academic life became far more sorted and motivating. The best thing about the scholarship that am availing from my school has been its emphasis on merit. It is not limited to seats. The fact that if you have a got a good score to your name, you are entitled to withdraw the scholarship. This keeps all of us extremely motivated.

Now that I think in hind sight, I think I could not have chosen better. With this PGDM, I see myself as a new person- enjoying subjects I had neglected so far and taking pleasure in stressed schedules, overloaded routines and brain wrecking assignments. The competitive atmosphere in PGDM is helping me multiply my potentials and helping me route it towards a more constructive destination.

Ridhima Gupta

PGDM ’15

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad