Save money and it will save you

We learn this quote in our school books. But, one night has changed my idea about this quote of George Bernard Shaw as well as money. A couple of years ago, I had to go to Delhi from my hometown Lucknow to attend a workshop on Civil Engineering. I booked my tickets online, packed my luggage and rushed to the station on bike. I parked my bike and caught the train in time. The train leaved the station and a few vendors came in my coach to sell tea, coffee, snacks etc.

That was the month of December and mercury plummeted to around 8-10 degree Celsius. I decided to take a cup of coffee. I took the coffee-cup from the vendor and searched for my wallet in the pocket of my jacket but found nothing. I thought that perhaps I kept it in my bag so I searched it as well but the result was the same. Then, I remembered that I kept my wallet in the drawer of my table at home and forgot to take it in hurry.

The vendor was now irritated and staring at me like he found the most sluggish man on earth. I was frost not because of winter but because of my own imbecility. The vendor said to me, “Hurry up SaabJi! I have to go to other coaches.” Suddenly, I became the matter of interest of my fellow passengers. I felt that their eyes were piercing my dignity and honour.

I kept on searching the pockets of my clothes like a patient suffering from asthma was searching for inhaler. By God’s grace, I found a ten rupee note in the pocket of my jeans. I can not express what I was feeling at that moment. It was like a drowning man got a lifebuoy by chance or a poor man won a lucky-draw or something. I wanted to kiss that ten rupee note but I controlled my emotions and gave it to the vendor. Finally, I got rid of the most embarrassing moments of my life. A ten rupee note saved me from utter humiliation.

Next thought was, how I will bear the expenses of my journey because after a lot of searches I found 187 rupees in all. Is that sufficient to travel from Lucknow to Delhi? How I could be that stupid? I thought to leave the train on next station and go back to my home. But, my inner conscience advised me to fight rather than flight from the situation. I did not make a call to my parents or relatives in Delhi for help. I realized the importance of money for the first time because I was a squanderer since my school days. I deleted the word EXTRAVAGANCE from my life.

Workshop was over and I was sitting on a bench of Delhi platform waiting for my train. I was extremely happy because I was returning home with an experience which changed me for life time.