Sarkari Naukri Bhoot : Part 2

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Another aunt : “Ek baar andar ghus jao fir kaam na bhi karo toh koi kucch nai bolta”

(Why not? I will do my work! I want to learn, I want to be a better person!)

Another Uncle : “11 baje pahucho, 5 baje nikal jao, sab mast he sarkari daftar me”

(It depends on work and not me, if I love my work and it is pending I will complete it)

Cousin : “Arey didi, medical, travelling sab claim karna, perks kitne he pata he apko? Salary side me rakh ke bhi mast life hogi”

(Why should I claim if I am not ill at all?)

That night when I went to sleep I kept wondering if my mom and dad really know what I want from my life? I wonder why my friends were not interested in asking me questions so they can prepare as well! I was wondering why my uncle and aunts want me to be like other sarkari employees and want me to wear jeans, reach late and eat samosa all day? I kept wondering if there was sarcasm in that “Wow yaar lucky”?

If this is how you ‘prepare’ someone for a sarkari naukri toh ho gya desh ka kalyan, today you are telling your brothers/sisters/children to get a sarkari job so they can relax and enjoy life, so that they can eat samosas and keep claiming reimbursements, tomorrow these kids will take up all sarkari jobs and they have been ‘motivated’ by you to delay ‘your‘ work and claim false benefits from ‘your‘ money, because pesa toh desh ka hi he, yani ‘your’ money!

Think about it! Before people forget real meaning of ‘job’ and ‘responsibilities’