Sardar Patel Institute of Technology: Everyone’s preferred choice

The toughest choice for any student nowadays, especially an engineering
aspirant, is, Which College? This is the most trending question once the
admission process details start to roll out. This question recently has taken
even more importance than who will form the next government in the country.

In case I don’t get admission to IIT’s or NIT’s, will my doing
engineering be of any use?

Will my BE degree hold any importance in the outside world and will I be
able to compete with the other IITians?

These were my questions too, some years ago, but now, I have found their
answers – well – most of them at least.

Sardar Patel Institute of Technology (SPIT) is coming up as many
students’ preferred choice nowadays, and is turning out to be one of the top
ranked colleges under Mumbai University. SPIT is located inside the 47 acre
greenery of the Bhavan’s Colleges Campus, which also houses the
government-aided Sardar Patel College of Engineering (SPCE), the SPJain
Institute of Management Research (SPJIMR), a Science, Arts, & Commerce College,
and pre-primary, primary & secondary schools. So, location wise, a perfect
choice. SPIT received National Accreditation in 2013, and is soon going to go
autonomous. Autonomy will be a big plus for all stakeholders: teachers,
students, staff & management.

The added
advantages of this college are innumerable. In recent years, placements have
shown a huge rise with increasing selections of students in dream companies. It
just shows that SPIT excels pretty well on the academic scale to achieve this
huge a reputation. The percentage of students from the college clearing their
exams is highest in the University.

Not just academically,
SPIT offers opportunities in other fields too – be it extra-curricular or co-curricular,
you won’t be disappointed. Recently, the SPIT robotics team came 10th
across India in the ABU Robocon Competition in 2013. SPIT students have
excelled in many sectors, including sports, gymnastics, debate, speaking skills
competitions, music, dance, décor, etc. Each activity has its own club or committee,
like the Décor club, Debsoc, Quiz club, Speakers’ Club, sports teams, et al.,
so that entering SPIT doesn’t make you a nerd, but allows you to have a number
of opportunities in other fields too. SPIT helps you maintain the correct
balance between academics and other fun activities. Even for
academics, there are a number of labs to practice a number of things and
experiment whatever you need to study, to gain hands-on experience. You want to
set up your own business? SPIT can help there too. It is extremely supportive
for startups, and has set up its own Startup Club to help young aspiring minds
use their intellect and ideas to perfection and get correct guidance for
success. SPIT’s technical fest Matrix celebrated its second year recently, and
in collaboration with SPCE, their cultural festival SPACE has been reaching out
to masses on larger scales every year. SPIT also organizes fun-filled outstation
trips to relieve them from the jam packed study schedule, to treks and
industrial visits.

At the end of their four years, a student at SPIT comes out with flying
colours not just as an engineer, but as a much better all-round entity.

I’m myself in the second year at SPIT. I feel extremely proud to have
made this important decision of my life of joining SPIT, which is really
molding me into a better person, not just as a student, but also as a human

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