Sales and Distribution

Sales Management

Originally sales management referred to direction for sales force personnel, but has gradually succeeded in gaining a significant position in today’s world. Every firm has certain goals and targets to achieve, such as sales volume, market share, and growth in terms of profits while all the functions are important the goals relating sales volume, profitability and market shares are highly affected by effectiveness of sales teams. Sales bring in the money which helps the company to grow and survive in the competitive industry. The right skills of sales manager, a perfect strategy and effective selling techniques are 3 important pillars of sales. Sales performance is about attaining sales goal in an efficient and effective manner. Many aspirant questions about sales manager roles and duties many believe that as sales manager profile is all about door to door selling, but few knows the correct role description of Sales Manager.

Objectives of Sales Function- 
1. To achieve Sales Targets 
2. To achieve Market share targets
3. To manage dealer network
4. To organize sales training
5. To handle customer complaints
6. To manage Sales promotion campaigns
7. To effectively cover market

Sale Management Functions 
1. Managing Sales Force 
2. Offering Sales Training
3. Managing Channel partners
4. Managing Direct sales
5. Managing Sales Promotion
6. Managing Sales Territories
7. Managing Sales Targets

As a sales manager, you are expected to do some product and sales research before you develop any sales strategy. Setting of goals and targets for your team division of territories and controlling distribution expenses. Motivating and getting better output from the team. Consulting company on various advertising and sales promotional schemes, etc. Monitoring sales policies. A sales manager is considered to be an important pillar in organization It is true that sales personnel’s are best paid people in the business and also considered as fastest and surest routes to top management.

Steps involved in selling process 
1. Identifying qualified potential customers – identifying new leads 
2. Learning about the potential customers – create a perfect impression on buyers as you get only one chance to build strong rapport
3. Strategy to approach
4. A selling scripts for buyer showcasing product benefits – create interest and desire among buyer to buy your products
5. Handling objections – understand the concern of buyer related to the product that you offer.
6. Closing the deal
7. Following up with customers in order to gain customer satisfaction – satisfied customer are the set rebuy and recommend.