Right and Wrong!

Right and Wrong, Good and Bad are some quite questionable paradoxes we see in the society but do these paradoxes really exist. What is right and what is wrong. Are these paradoxes real? Do we have something called Right and wrong. No, right and wrong are just two superficial concepts that people often find in situations. Nevertheless these two paradoxes are just perspective dependent. What you feel right in some situations may be wrong for others and what you feel wrong may be right for others.

The perspective is a quintessential component in considering these choices. Here is a story.

A thief comes to his home, gives his wife some money and asks her to cook some food soon, as they are starving from days. He with his children eats the food and has a good sleep. Thief’s wife is happy that their children can have stomach full of food for at least a month with the money her husband has stolen. Thief is a little worried and scared that he might get caught however he is happy that his wife and children are happy. Thief’s children unaware of their fathers’ identity are happy to have such a caring and good father.

The person, whom the thief stole money from was a vendor and earns a fair amount to keep his family contended and happy. He owns a house and is planning to buy a new house; he was saving some money from past 2 years for this. His wife and children are really unhappy about the theft because they saved this money by restricting themselves from high spending and also they had many hopes on the new house they are about to start constructing.

Now the question is, is thief right or wrong? Each character in the story has a perspective; most likely thief’s family would say that he is right as he filled their stomachs and the vendor’s family would say, he is wrong as he took away their hard earned money.

Ethically thief is wrong but when one judge by considering the basic necessities a person should posses’ thief can’t be judged wrong. Therefore the concept of right and wrong is just perspective oriented.

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