Revolving doors..!

The most haunting experience?

Forget the supernaturals. Ever experienced ‘Failure’ ?

You long for something/someone. You attach your happiness to that one ‘thing’. Your visions of future find closing boundaries in them. your oneness with your dreams is so deep that you can’t breathe while imagining them ‘collapsed’.

All this sounds perfect recipe for getting a heart passionately geared up towards your dreams. But If, however impossible it seemed in those zealous days, dreams do fail you at the very moment.. then what?

The same recipe turns poison and smothers the soul. Escape is painful; You yourself had set those choking boundaries shutting out other sources of relief.

This feeling of your heart sinking slowly to a dark abysmal, is Despair. Though, few of us wake up out of this ‘coma’ and bravely sideline the splinters of self-made majestic glass-castles and walk on a new path with new visions. On the other hand, few of us keep walking, going out of range of callings of our heart- Oh dear Stop! Turn around! don’t say Goodbye so soon! Don’t stare at that one closed door so much! you are missing out on the newly opened one!

Listen to your heart. It is correct most of the times. You will laugh looking back at these moments. If you think you won’t, well then learn it. Remember, how ugly you look when you are sad. Remember, how short life is to bear unhappiness and grudges. Take away the learning, wrap up that baggage in your memory, throw it in the Indian Ocean, walk away.

Relieved? Well, walk with Smile. Journey seems less with a curve on the pretty face we all got.

Life is all about revolving door, dears! The open side will welcome you ultimately.

All shall meet at the other end; some too early, some little late. Just keep moving, fearlessly.