Few days ago I received a mail from the “stjosephsacademy” Group. On an average I receive 4-5 such mails every day. There was something different about this mail though. The sender had sent the mail to various groups. I happened to notice them; one of the groups was ‘Pakistanis in USA’.

I was fascinated and read the previous mails from this person. It so happened that this alumnus was in school till 1947, thereafter, his family had left for the then newly created ‘Pakistan.’ I was aware of the rich history of my Alma mater which was established in 1934. But this was a different realization altogether.

I interacted with this alumnus and his brother (who was also an ex-Josephite). Their love for the school and Dehradun was overwhelming, two interests shared by the three of us. The phrase used by them to describe Dehradun, “The land I love” captivated my attention. These seniors had not been able to visit ‘The Land they love’ despite being US nationals because of their Pakistani background.

Somehow I wanted to help them. It could be because I know the feelings a Doonite has for this beautiful valley. It could also be because I am aware of the love a Josephite has for his Alma mater. Another reason could be that I knew that with little effort from my end I could fulfill somebody’s distant dream.

An idea struck upon me and I committed to them that I would arrange for a video conference to show them their Alma mater. Today, on 9/11/2013 I, with the help of my dear friend Siddhartha Negi fulfilled this commitment. I showed the school to one of the alumnus over Skype. The feeling after doing the same is inexplicable. I could feel the joy in his eyes when he saw his Alma mater after 66 years. In the twenty three years of my life so far, I have never felt so good, not even when I almost cracked one of the famous examinations in the country! I am not writing to brag about this incident, I am writing about it to share what I consider as the most fulfilling incident in my life.