Returning the Investment @ IMI, Delhi

“Money never comes first in
self-expression of any kind
” – William J Reilly

MBA has become the buzz word. And with MBA comes the
concept of ROI or Return on Investment which is one of the major factors
governing the selection of one B school over another. However, in the absence
of actual information by the institutes, all those selections will be like
arrows shot in the dark. Conventionally ROI has been defined as the Return on
the money invested in acquiring an MBA degree by means of the pay package secured
upon completion of course, though it is much more than that for an MBA

this concept we believe is flawed for the true value of education cannot be
measured in monetary terms.
The true return on any investment in education
comes from the kind of learning it provides to its aspirants. At IMI, Delhi the
ROI is measured in terms of the value addition the business management course
provides to its students. The two year course has been designed in such a
manner that students get several opportunities to put their theoretical
knowledge to practice and to keep growing their domain knowledge by virtue of
experiential learning. Moreover, the faculty follows an extensive case based
approach to make the classroom learning more fun and interactive. Further, this
continues to help the students not only to pass their papers but also to solve
actual business problems in the long run.

is also believed that Return on Investment essentially deals with providing
equitable returns on the time one has invested in the course, by virtue of the
knowledge that leads to development of managerial wisdom in the future
managers. Further, the same can also be accounted for viable and justifiable
returns for the energy which an individual invests in pursuing the management

even when the ROI concept is evaluated quantitatively, IMI, Delhi has created a
niche of sorts by providing ever increasing CTC’s each year. Further, it has also
endeavored to ensure that these pay packets come from big names in the
industry, hence rising above many renowned B schools in the country.

 IMI, Delhi believes, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a
.” It is essentially about empowering the future managers with the tools to
carve out their futures and to endeavor to create a niche for themselves in the
business world. It is only with such success that true ROI of any institute can
be measured.

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