Resonance coaching students participate in ‘Run for Rio’ in Kota

With wishes pouring in from all over the country for the Indian Contingent at the 2016 Rio Olympics, the coaching capital of India cannot be far behind. Resonance Coaching Institute of Kota along with Severam Charitable Trust and SR Global University of Kota carried out a ‘Run for Rio’ in which more than 250 coaching students participated in a 5 kilometre long walkathon.

Manoj Sharma, designated CEO and President, SR Global University joined hands with the CEO of Resonance, Ashish Sharma to flag off the walkathon amidst thunderous cheers and applause by Resonance students. The walkathon started at Resonance campus located at Jhalawar Road and after covering a distance of 5 kms, it ended back at Resonance itself.

About the ‘Run for Rio’ walkathon, one coaching student Rohitabh Sharma said, “The event was refreshing and it highlighted the importance of sports, particularly sporting events like the Olympic. Despite a mild drizzle, we enjoyed the walkathon. The Olympics take place once in 4 years and is the biggest sports event of the globe so everyone should celebrate the start of the Olympic which spreads positivity in the World.” Another student Akansha Kumari said that the event provided an opportunity to have some fun and a break from the routine schedule of studies.

All students wore a band of National Flag signifying their support for India in the Olympics.

Manoj Sharma said, “This walkathon is a part of the programme ‘Asha’, designed by Shree Sevaram Charitable Trust and SR Global University to meet the physiological, social and physical needs of the students of Resonance. This walkathon would be of great help to keep people fit. The distance covered is not for the faint of heart, it is for students who want to slowly build their confidence in the same way they build their muscle strength. These kind of activities helps students develop mental toughness. They will soon start feeling that they can handle anything when they toe the line on the race morning.”

The walkathon ended with the National Anthem and certificates were distributed to the participants.

“Seeding of the sporting spirit begins during student life and there should be sustained initiatives to promote sports to keep the young fit,” said Ashish Sharma.