Reject me please!

A short expression to capture the mood of the youth around the world, right now post the WhatsApp dhamaka!

Oh sure selection is important

Oh sure parents wait

Sure my girlfriend’s family is desperate

Do I make the cut

Do I start the monthly regimen

Do the cheques start rolling in

Does stability arrive with all its accoutrements

My dirty jeans gets to get discarded

The business suit makes the entry

The stubble evaporates as quickly as it arrives each morning

The perfume goes subtler by the day

But I assure you dear HR

For the love of almighty God

Listen to the pain of this restless soul

The song of the bird that needs to fly

The cry of the 4 year holocaust survivor

The deadpan gradesheets and degree certificates

The forced extracurriculars to look juicy enough



All that is so yesterday

All that is so uncool

The world changed again

Selection is unfashionable again

The billions await the miserable rejects

The stashes await the soul that got KITA

Please HR, please, REJECT ME THIS TIME!

– Wannabe future billionaire

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