Reinvent Indian b-schools

Prof RK Verma, Dean, SBS

In the 21st century no contemporary development has made an impact which is as far reaching as Globalization. The breaking down of national, regional, and local boundaries has created a new world order, and an exciting and challenging Multi-cultural World.

Today we live in a Global village, which shares information, ideas, and businesses at a lightning speed. Managing operations in this multi-cultural world is very challenging and success still eludes many by leaps and bounds. Also, uncertainties of globalization, impact of knowledge based economy; social inequalities, environmental degradation, etc. call for business innovations and inculcation of managerial capabilities for social value creation with a focus on strategic CSR activities. To achieve this, use of practices based on technology innovation, digital addressability, rethinking of business models in lower profit world, expansion of client focus, polarization of competitive landscape is required.

Globalization of organizations and talent market is one of the key factors affecting management education. However, B-schools are still national or regional in their approach. According to a CRISIL research, a shakeout in the higher education space in India is foreseeable on account of declining occupancy levels. The average occupancy rate declined to about 65% in 2011-12, making it difficult for many lower-rung institutes to sustain operations.

The strength of b-schools would be in their intellectual capital and multi-disciplinary practice based teaching, to prepare students for problem-solving ability in this ever-changing multicultural society. Internationalization of management education, partnerships with leading B-Schools, exchange of pedagogy and course curricula, and practice-based learning would be the key features of a good B-school. There would be a greater influence of corporate partners in designing curriculum, reflecting international standards and conformity to contemporary industry trends.

In India, students largely regard b-school education as a continuation of undergraduate or college education. This undermines the very purpose of management education. School of Business Studies (SBS) at Sharda University is continuously reinventing education to stay relevant to stakeholders through innovations in experiential learning, there by co-creating a strong culture of research with bright young minds from around the world.

At SBS, we take pride in what we have achieved and look at the future with optimism and confidence. We are continuously learning and evolving with the help of a mix of global experience, which comes through students and faculty from different countries, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. Each student gets the opportunity to study overseas for one trimester, thus exposing him/her to best practices and an unbound learning experience. Salford Business School, UK; Stratford University, USA; NYU (New York University) Educational Group, Greece, etc. are some of the International institutes we have partnered with. To make optimum use of technology and best management practices, each student undergoes training on advanced software like SAP, SPSS, Prowess, etc.

The pedagogy employed at SBS is a mix of lectures and case-based methods with high focus on self learning and practice. A faculty member has about 20 students with him, and provides constant support and advice whenever students face problem with any aspect of the curricula.

SBS has a well laid-out and systematic process of dovetailing its students career aspirations with corporate expectations. The Placements, both for final jobs and summer internships, form an integral part of SBSs annual calendar of activities. Students of SBS have been placed in well-known companies like LG Electronics, ST electronics, HCL, Asian Paints, India Bulls, Logix India, Indian Institute of Finance, Airtel, SMC Global, Reliance Communications, etc. and have drawn salaries ranging from Rs 2.4 lacs to 12 lacs per annum.

Recently, SBS has been rated A in Delhi-NCR region by CRISIL. Among others, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B;) has also rated SBS as one of Indias leading B-schools in 2011.

About Author

Prof. RK Verma, Dean, SBS, has been instrumental in taking the school to an unparalleled success level with world class teaching standards and curricula. He is a true visionary and has worked with several prestigious educational institutions in India and abroad. He did his graduation from IIT – Delhi and post-graduation from IIM – Ahmedabad. With an overall experience of 35 years, he has to his name more than 40 research papers and books.

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