Regular studies will help you clear entrance exams

The Class 10 exams are over, and the results will be out in a month’s time. But in between students must have decided on the stream that will choose for Class 12. It would be either Science (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) or Arts or Commerce. A student opting for science will take sit for engineering or medical entrance exam. The student may opt for coaching, or drop a year and prepare. But not all can crack the entrance exams. 

The reasons could be the lack of proper guidance and facilities, poor concentration, lopsided time management and much more.

To succeed in any field, one should be clear about his/her aim. It is a wrong notion that for cracking the JEE paper, you need to be smart or intelligent. It’s your dream that gives you the confidence to achieve your aim. One should have proper study material while preparing for JEE to avoid referring to many books. Always have a clear understanding of the basics to be able to solve the tough problems. Try to solve the mock test paper in the stipulated time and without using the calculator. Never mug up things; it won’t help you in clearing concepts. Never keep any doubts in your mind; get them removed by your seniors, teachers or friends.

 Time management is another important aspect that should not be ignored. It is advisable to devote equal time to all the three subjects as it will help you in getting a good score and rank. Timely revision and practice are other aspects of JEE preparation. Remember that mere reading won’t help you crack the exam; you need to practice what you have studied so that you are clear about how and where to apply the concept.

You must regularly revise to help you remember what you have studied. Keep a tab on your performance during preparation. You need to develop the habit of sitting and attempting a paper at a stretch, and after the test is over, you need to analyze your mistakes and avoid repeating them. Always practice the previous year’s questions; this will help you assess relevant topics for the exam paper. You should maintain proper notes of each and every topic and the solutions of all questions so that you can refer to them anytime.

Good sleep and leisure are equally important during JEE preparation. Remember your efforts don’t end till the entrance exams are over so be consistent and regular in your studies. 

In the end, I would like to say that success is 99% hard work and 1% luck. So wish you all the best.

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