Reasoning Quiz on Syllogism – III

Dear PaGaLGuY readers,

We are presenting a Reasoning quiz on Syllogism. In Banking and Insurance exams, you often get around five questions from this topic. 

So do solve the quiz and give your answers in the comments section. We will publish the correct answers soon. 

In each of the question below, there are three statements followed by four
conclusions numbered I, II, III and IV. You have to take the given statements
to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and
then decide which of the given conclusion(s) follow(s) from the given

1. Statements: I. Some cats are dog.

II. All dogs
are crazy.

III. Some crazy
are smarts.

Conclusions: I.
Some cats are crazy.

II. Some crazy are dogs.

III. Some dogs
are smarts.

IV. Some smarts
are cat

(1) Only I
and III follow

(2) Only II
and III follow

(3) I and II follow

(4) I, III
and IV follow

(5) None of these         

2. Statements: I. All public are private.

II. Some
private are not institutes.

III. Some
institutes are company.

Some institute are public.

II. All
companies are public.

III. Some
private are not company.

IV. All
company being private is possibility.

(1) Only I
and III follow

(2) Only I follows

(3) Only I
and II follow

(4) Only IV follows

(5) None follow            

3. Statements: I. All balloons are tap.

II. No door
is tap.

III. Some doors
are bell.

Some tap are bells.

II. Some
bells are not tap.

III. All
balloons being bell is possibility.

IV. No door
is a bell.

(1) Only II and III follow

(2) Only I and
III follow

(3) None

(4) II, III
and IV follow

(5) All

4. Statements: I. No plate is a table.

II. Some plate is boxes.

III. All boxes are drum.

Conclusions: I. At least some plates are drum.

II. All table being drum is a possibility.

III. Some boxes are not plate.

IV. Some drum is plate.

I, II and III follow

II, III and IV follow

None follow.

Only I follows

(5) None of

5. Statements: I. Some camera is phone.

II. Some phone is a telegram.

III. Some phone is ring.

Conclusions: I. All
phone being ring is a possibility.

II. Some ring is camera.

III. No ring is a camera.

IV. At least some telegram is a phone.

Only I follow                       

Only II follows

(3) Only I & IV follow             

(4) Either
II & III, I & IV follow

None follow


Qs 1 (3)  Qs 2 (4) 
Qs 3 (1)  Qs 4 (5)  Qs 5 (4)

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