Reasoning Quiz on Syllogism – I

Dear PaGaLGuy readers,

We are providing you a Reasoning quiz, please solve it and give your ans in comment sections. 

Directions (1-5): In each of the question below, there are three
statements followed by four conclusions numbered I, II, III, IV. Study the following questions and mark the wrong

1. Statements: I. Some Animal is a Planet.

II. No Animal is a Universe.

III. All Universe is an Earth.

Some earth being planet is a

II. No universe is an animal.

III. All animal being earth is a possibility

IV. Some planet is an earth.

(1) Only I follow

(2) Only II follows

(3) Only I & II follows

Only IV follows

(5) All follows

2. Statement: I. All Tables are Mug.

II. All mugs are ball.

III. No basket is a table.

Some basket is a mug.

II. No table is a basket.

III. All ball being basket is a possibility.

IV. Some mug is not a basket.

(1) Only I follow

(2) Only II & IV follows

(3) Only I
& III follow

(4) None follows

(5) None of these

3. Statement: I.
All bus is cars.

II. Some cars are a taxi.

III. Some taxi is a truck.

Conclusion: I.
All truck being bus is a possibility.

II. Some bus is a taxi.

III. All cars are a bus.

IV. Some taxi being bus is possibility.

(1) Only II follows

(2) Only I & III follow

(3) Only II & IV follows

(4) None of these

(5) Only II
& III follows

4. Statement: I. Some stars are moon.

II. No moon is a planet.

III. All planets are earth.

Conclusion: I.
All planets being star is a possibility.

II. Some planet is an earth.

III. No planet is a moon.

IV. All earth being moon is a possibility.

(1) All follows

(2) Only II & III follows

(3) Only I & IV follow

(4) None

(5) Only III follows

5. Statement: I. Some cakes are bread.

II. Some tea is biscuits.

III. Some biscuits are toffee.

Conclusion: I. Some bread is a tea.

II. Some cake is a toffee.

III. All Toffee is tea.

IV. Some biscuits are bread.

(1) All follows

(2) None follows

(3) Only I, II & III follow

(4) Only II & IV follows

(5) Only II follows


Qs 1. – (4)      Qs. 2 (3)             Qs 3. (5)             Qs 4. (4)             Qs
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